Numerous courses are available, from individual to large groups, from Photography to Digital Editing, (coming soon, online seminars).

Some of the topics are:

  • MANUAL MODE WHAT IS THAT? – Learning your DSLR camera
  • SEE IN THE DARK – The art of Nighttime Light-painting
  • HEY YA POSER! – How to pose your subject (model, bride groom, newborn)
  • ILLUMINATE ME – Tips for lighting your subject

Now what?… how do I edit these damn things

  • Digital Editing 101 – Welcome to Digital Arts, a what does this button do approach
  • Digital Editing 201 – Ogres have Layers, Onions have Layers, Photography has Layers… Layers, Layers and more Layers
  • Digital Editing 301 – Magic continues, Full Circle collaboration of photography & Editing
  • Business 101 for Professional Photographers

These courses are created for that novice who wishes to gain a better understanding of how to take amazing photos and for professionals who need some “steering in the right direction”. I also offer consultations for those seeking to learn more about the artistic techniques of photography (and so on) email me with the tag line Course/Tutorials for info and stay tuned for up and coming tutorials.

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