FOTOTKR – Apprenticeship Program

As a Master Photographer, I not only try to get the best of my clients in front of the camera but, I also mentor and teach novice to professional photographers on getting them to the place best they want to be. With the inception of new sharing platforms like Instagram, 500px, iStock Photo, photography has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet, most shutterbugs are still using automatic mode with a complete unawareness of how to take a great shot. Conversely, Photography Courses will teach you everything you need to know in order to take awesome photos. However, they don’t give you any insight on what it takes to start and operate your own business. With my experience and assistance, I teach you those essential tools you need to take things to the next level! This is why I created a subsection to my portrait business called FOTOTKR (that’s Photo taker for all you license plate fanatics). Sam will show you the “ins and outs” to photography and help you start and sustain your business. Apprenticing is a great way to gain HANDS on training while being ON ASSIGNMENT.

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