My packages range from a half day Paparazzi package, to a Wedding Bliss full day suite, to a Holy Sh*t Balls We Got Everything & The Kitchen Sink Package... which includes, well, pretty much everything.

All my wedding packages also include an engagement shoot that's not bound by time constraints, allowing the couple to become comfortable in front of the lens and ultimately, collaborators of the art we're creating together. I also offer consultations for those seeking to learn more about the artistic techniques of photography.
SLIVER Photography has worked with numerous amateur photographers in the past. This is a great way for people interested in becoming a professional photographer to gain HANDS on training ON ASSIGNMENT. Sam will show you the "ins and outs" to photography and help you start and sustain your business. Email for details sam@sliverphotography.com
FOTOTKR - Courses/Tutorials
Numerous courses are available, from individual to large groups. Some of the topics are:
- MANUAL MODE WHAT IS THAT? - Learning your DSLR camera
- SEE IN THE DARK - The art of Nighttime Light-painting
- HEY YA POSER! - How to pose your subject (model, bride groom, newborn)
- ILLUMINATE ME - Tips for lighting your subject
(and so on..) email me with the tag line Course/Tutorials for info and stay tuned to my blog sam@sliverphotography.com
Why Hire Us?
Great question... The politically correct answer is that I'm extremely technical and very experienced behind a camera with a long list of amazing "on the spot" Pinterest creations. The real me version is that I'm hilarious, passionate, fun to work with and has more energy than most who have had 5 espressos in the morning. I hold myself and my work to the highest of standards and over deliver EVERYTIME. I could not create these images without the help of my clients and therefore I ensure they get EVERY image I shoot (Collaboration is not holding a person’s photos for ransom). I teach and mentor novice amateur photographers to better themselves and I am constantly perfecting the skills I have training with my mentors and photographers who inspire me.


Half day Paparazzi Package
Holy Sh*t Balls We Got Everything & The Kitchen Sink Package
Wedding Bliss Full Day Suite
Hourly or flat rate packages are avaiable

"Get me a Tan" Destination Weddings & Custom Packages also Available"

Commissions for weddings start at $2,500


Sam Livermore
E-mail: sam@sliverphotography.com
Phone: 403 999 1264